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Marta Collell

Make Up Services

Social Makeup

For any event, parties, red carpet, graduations, conferences, birthdays…& more. Products 100% professional and we have a wide selection of eyelashes.

Bridal Makeup

Bridal Makeup is personalized. Before the wedding we recommend to have a makeup test session, where both, bride and makeup artist will exchange information on what to do for the special day. The products are water and sweat proof.

Photography, Video & Publicity Makeup

For this kind of purpose we can create any kind of image following the guidelines of the producer, and the makeup services for photo sessions can also be hired per hour.

Artistic Makeup

This style of makeup is more dramatic and can be very diverse, especially for occasions such as carnival, Halloween and special events. This makeup is more profound and detailed.

Eyebrows Shaping

Eyebrows are the most important part to keep in mind at the time of makeup, because it will give our face a permanent mood and we need to keep them well groomed and trimmed. The shaping service is with tweezers and very precise. The look is very natural.

Private Makeup Classes

I put my expertise to your disposition, so that you are able to learn in an easy and fun way about techniques, tips and tricks so that you can makeup yourself in a professional way.

Gift Vouchers

We have Gift certificates or vouchers, so that you can give makeup sessions or classes as the perfect present!

Professional MakeUp Artist


Specializing in bridal makeup, Marta analyzes every detail, as each bride is unique... ensuring not only a perfect makeup, but the ultimate expression of beauty on such an unforgettable day. She has worked with various renowned photographers, models, MC’s, and public personalities from all over the world, and thanks to her dedication, effort and perseverance, Marta has become a make-up artist that is shining with her own light.
Adrienne Fraser

Marta is by far the best makeup artist I had the pleasure of meeting and working with. I have been a client of hers since day one and she always seizes to amaze me. I love her professionalism, her techniques, her style and simply the kind, caring and funny person she is. She is a part of my glam team for all events, weddings and parties and I wouldn’t trade her for the world! I would recommend her to anyone without hesitation!

Adrienne Fraser

A girl should be two things Classy & Fabulous 》Coco Chanel. For the Fabulous part is where my beautiful Marta comes in. The queen of eyebrows, and the best make up artist ever. Always recieving you with a great smile and high positive energy. On tunes of gr8 music she starts with the beautyfing session in her all white glam room. With every stroke of her brushes she makes us Shine. If your ever on the island don't hesitate to get beautified by Marta.

Cindy  Franken

Marta Collell is by far the best makeup artist on the island. She is devoted and passionate about her job, she always listens to your request, and she takes all the time she needs to make you feel and look beautiful. She is so talented and super professional. I would highly recommend her. For any occasion, dont hesitate!

Cindy Franken